Obama distances self from yet another supporter, bringing total to 4,092

CHICAGO - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Thursday that he is "deeply disappointed" by supporter Rev. Michael Pfleger's remarks that mocked Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Pfleger is the 4,092nd person Obama has distanced himself from in the past month, starting with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and including Obama's wife Michelle.

"I was going to say that Father Pfleger's divisive, backward-looking rhetoric doesn't reflect the country I see," Obama said in what supporters dubbed a landmark speech on distancing oneself. "I was going to say that Father Pfleger is like a crazy old uncle who says things I don't agree with. But the fact is, how many crazy old uncles can a person have? Reverend Wright was like a crazy old uncle; my wife was like a crazy old uncle -- if I'm to be believed, I've got thousands of crazy old uncles. I mean, let's get real -- nobody has that many uncles.

"Maybe the comments of these nutty people really do reflect the country we live in, and I'm just too blind to see it," he said. "I'm starting to wonder, maybe it's me."