Trump Supporters Find Acceptable Alternative

Henry F. Potter
Like Trump, Mr. Potter is: 

● A very successful businessman who tells it like it is and who is not beholden to anyone.

Like Trump, Mr. Potter doesn't care who he offends. "I'm an old man, and most people hate me. But I don't like them either, so that makes it all even."

● A man who knows how to cut a deal.

Just as Trump can make a deal with anyone, so can Mr. Potter. He even tried to hire chief foe George Bailey "to manage my affairs . . . ."
● A man who isn't afraid to call his opponents nasty names.

Just as Trump hurls insults at and has malicious nicknames for anyone who stands in his way, so does Mr. Potter. George Bailey is "slacker George" and "a miserable little clerk . . . ." Peter Bailey is a "miserable failure." Uncle Billy is Peter Bailey's "idiot brother."

● A man who disdains ideological purity.

Just as Trump justifies his ideological inconsistency by insisting that, as a businessman, he must do whatever he has to do, Mr. Potter similarly lacks ideals. To Potter, Peter Bailey is a "starry-eyed dreamer"  and "a man of high ideals, so-called, but ideals without  common sense can ruin this town."

● A man who isn't afraid of stereotyping entire classes of people.

Just as Trump reduces Muslims and Mexicans to vile caricature, Mr. Potter is happy to do the same to working people. He referred to them as "a discontented, lazy rabble."

● A man who isn't afraid to spread rumors that his opponents are having illicit affairs.

Just as Trump surrogates planted a story in the National Inquirer about Ted Cruz supposedly having multiple affairs, Mr. Potter is happy to fan the flames of libel about George Bailey: ". . . it's all over town that you've been giving money to Violet Bick."

● A man who is willing to take what he wants.

Just as Trump invoked eminent domain in an unsuccessful attempt to take private property he needed--and the owner would have been paid far less than he paid for it--Mr. Potter stole $8,000 from Uncle Billy in an effort to hurt the Bailey family.