U.S. falls victim to identity theft

Estonia pretends it is the U.S.--borrows billions from China, gives citizens tutorial on football, welfare, and sloth; Hillary's email breach blamed


Centers for Disease Control: "'Typhoid Hillary' has to stop hugging her supporters--at this rate, half the older women in America will be dead."

Breaking news: Democrat VP pick Tim Kaine is a vampire

Uncle was Nosferatu; Hillary's No. 2 can't accept VP nomination until after sunset.

Trump's acceptance speech reaches out to the LGBT and BLT communities

"Only weeks ago, in Orlando, Florida, terrorists targeted our LGBT community--or maybe it was the BLT community--doesn't matter. As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect both of them from oppression. To the BLT community: I will put an end to overcooked bacon, stale bread, and tomatoes that aren't fresh. Believe me. Believe me."

Sean Hannity vies to be skin graft on Donald Trump's body

FOX News personality denies fawning over presumptive GOP nominee, but says "it's long past time" for his body to meld with Trump's

Missing runaway truck ramp found in West Virginia

Authorities in Pennsylvania say the runaway truck ramp of Pittsburgh's Parkway West was found near Parkersburg, W.Va. in "good condition," and that the ramp has been reunited with the Parkway West.

PennDOT director Rufus Peckham said he "has no idea" how the ramp got to West Virginia, but he noted "it's no surprise that the ramp bolted--it's called 'runaway' for good reason."

Study finds that’s not all she wrote

Scientists have debunked the cliché “that’s all she wrote” by proving she wrote more.

“The research really shocked us,” said Dr. Noah Swayne, who headed the five year study at a cost to taxpayers of $18 million.

The study concludes the cliché should be altered to read, "She wrote too much.”

Flashback: Anthem for Civil Rights Movement Resulted From Error in Transcription

In 1962, singer-activist Joan Baez invited Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife to dinner. Dr. King telephoned Baez to accept her invitation and spoke with her secretary.

“Please tell Ms. Baez we shall come over,” Dr. King said.

But the secretary erroneously scribbled, “Please tell Ms. Baez we shall overcome,” and the rest is history.