Anna Nicole Buried In Bahamas, Tourists Flock to Visit Shrine

NASSAU, Bahamas - Anna Nicole Smith was laid to rest after a long legal battle over her remains, and Bahamian authorities reported three unverified healings by pilgrims who flocked to her resting place inside Our Lady of Leisure Church and Spa in this city.

"All the sores in my mouth are gone!" exulted Wanda Flooze, who came here from Kansas City with her companion. "I said a little prayer and I could feel the change."

Another visitor, who declined to give a name, credited the intervention of Miss Smith for the elimination of her flat, Chicago accent. "All the glottal stops are gone. American Idol, here I come! I'm absolutely convinced God is working through Anna Nicole to lift up the fallen," she cried before moving along to the Duty Free shop adjacent to the shrine.

Miss Smith's attorney and companion, Howard K. Stern, spent the morning greeting tourists and working the cash register in the gift shop alongside Virgie Arthur, Miss Smith's mother.