“I wanted to ask a follow-up question, but once he turned into The Hulk I beat it out of there,” reporter says

PITTSBURGH – The investigation of Steelers’ internist Dr. Richard Rydze took a new turn today when the normally calm physician turned into The Hulk. Rydze had been questioned by Florida authorities about his $150,000 purchase of testosterone and human growth hormone just days earlier, but a reporter set him off in a rage today.

Reporter Jack McGee, following up on the initial story, discovered that Richard Rydze also goes by the name of Dr. David Banner. McGee has pursued Banner for years, believing he is The Hulk, and he confronted Dr. Rydze with the evidence outside his UPMC office this morning.

“He seemed to recognize me, but he tried to act calm. He gave me the line about buying the hormones for his 'private patients,' but as I asked him more questions, he started to get agitated. Once I mentioned the name Banner, all hell broke loose. His clothes started to come apart at the seams, and his skin turned bright green. I got out of there as fast as I could.”

McGee believes an overdose of gamma rays and adenine thymine first led to the creation of Rydze’s alter ego. “I’ve got a lot of good documentation about his medical experiments with the gamma rays,” McGee said. “Since he’s been on the run, I guess he didn’t have access to the radiation and he switched over to testosterone and growth hormone. Let me tell you, he hit on the right combination.”

McGee said he last saw Rydze/The Hulk heading towards downtown, but Pittsburgh Police have not received any reports of rampaging giants. Dr. Rydze was unavailable for comment.