PITTSBURGH - Mystery solved. The identity of the elusive "friend of Kevin's house" referenced by Mayor Ravenstahl in a statement to Post-Gazette reporter Rich Lord last week was revealed this afternoon.

Mr. Lord had asked the mayor where he stayed in New York on the evening of March 14 following his now infamous plane ride with Ron Burkle, principal owner of the Penguins, hours after city, state, and Allegheny County officials announced an arena deal with the team. "We stayed at a friend of Kevin's house that evening," the mayor said of his sleep-over.

The mayor refused to provide any further information about the identity of the "friend of Kevin's house" until this afternoon when Dick Skrinjar announced that the friend of Kevin's house is actually Douglas Shed, a freestanding shed that sits on private property next to Kevin's house. The shed and the house are pictured above. Mr. Skrinjar explained: "The shed and the house are, to my knowledge, best friends. On March 14, the mayor stayed in the shed."