LOS ANGELES – When star-crossed lovers Sami and Lucas marry again this fall on ‘Days of Our Lives,’ their romantic wedding will be green. Producers of the popular NBC soap opera have decided to add environmental issues to their story lines, so pesticide-free flowers and organic foods will be featured at the extravaganza. The bride and groom will also purchase carbon credits to offset the amount of carbon dioxide their guests create in order to travel to the wedding.

"We need to address the current environmental crisis,” executive producer Keith Corder said. “We want to raise the viewers’ consciousness of environmental problems and solutions while still dishing out the dirt."

Producers at other daytime dramas have taken notice. At ‘Guiding Light,’ “Beth lied to Alan about being pregnant, and she slept with Rick to cover her tracks,” said one writer who asked not to be identified. “But she doesn’t get pregnant. Instead of having her wear a fake rubber belly made from petrochemicals, we’ll have her use an organic cotton wrap filled with feathers from free-range geese. She can just stuff more feathers in there as her ‘pregnancy’ progresses. That’s the kind of pro-environment information we want to convey to our viewers.” ‘Guiding Light’ producers are also considering adding a vegan character, who will be blackmailed when she is photographed chowing down on pork chops.

Not to be outdone, ABC executives are encouraging their shows to use natural, not chemical, poisons to put characters into comas; to use conflict-free diamonds in all marriage proposals; and to wear evening gowns made of hemp at all balls and parties.

Back at ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Ken Corder promises a beautiful wedding. “But given Sami and Lucas’ history, there may be a few twists,” he said. “I don’t want to give anything away, but somebody might be run over with a hybrid car and spoil their perfect day.”