“Darn it, it tastes good, so bring it on,” is the message we all want to hear

PITTSBURGH -- Deep down, we all know a lot of foods aren’t good for us. But we don’t take kindly to “food police” who constantly harangue us about all the poor choices we make and tell us how much fat, sodium and sugar we’re eating every day.

Enter Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at UPMC. When Hostess Snacks announced that Pittsburgh leads the nation in Ho Ho consumption, she didn’t start ranting about the local eating habits. Although she pointed out the Ho Hos’ hydrogenated fats and calories in a Post-Gazette interview, she also played up her Pittsburgh heritage and said, “[T]his is just fun food. Darn it, it tastes good.”

That kind of attitude coming from a nutritionist is refreshing. Other experts may berate her for her stand, but we salute Ms. Bonci, and we’ll be sure to follow her “bring it on” admonition.