MALAWI - What should have been a peaceful visit to a cash-strapped orphanage was marred when fighting erupted between Madonna and Sally Struthers in Malawi. Then Madonna and her entourage arrived, "just to browse," Struthers accused Madonna of using her pop star status to strip the impoverished continent of starving children. The shouting escalated as the two Americans nearly tore a three-year-old boy in half, then fought viciously over who was "the better humanitarian."

Clearly overmatched against the massive Struthers, Madonna quickly switched to a southpaw stance and kept Struthers at bay with a series of stinging jabs. It appeared almost certain that the pop star's superior conditioning would carry the fight. But then Struthers backed Madonna into a mud hut and took over the match with a pile driver in the hard-packed dirt that knocked the material girl senseless. Struthers then pancaked Madonna and the bout was over. Pandemonium ensued as Struthers hurled folding chairs at members of Madonna's entourage as they attempted to pull her to safety.

Spokeswomen for both parties say they do not anticipate a rematch, although Struthers has said she would be willing to fight George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire later this year for Rumble in the Jungle II, "if the money's right."