LAKE GENEVA, Wis. - GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback drew boos, groans and a hail of string cheese Friday at the Wisconsin Republican Party convention when he used a football analogy to talk about the need to focus on families. Brownback explained what has become the backbone of his presidential campaign message: "Families are like a football team. Dads are the head coach, mom's are like the offensive coordinator, kids are like questionable draft choices that grow into franchise players whose behavior embarrasses the entire organization, then they demand exorbitant sums of money, straining the resources of the team, threatening the stability of the organization. But I digress."

Forgetting he was in Green Bay Packer country, Brownback said, "This is fundamental blocking and tackling. This is your line in football. If you don’t have a line, how many passes can Peyton Manning complete? Greatest quarterback, maybe, in NFL history."

Mistaking the cheese hitting the stage and podium for enthusiastic approval, Brownback continued, "Peyton Manning can beat any team any day, because his teammates are like family. The Bengals are a more dysfunctional family, but they are still a family. And how about those Bears, going all the way to the Super Bowl!!!"

A brick of sharp cheddar whistled past Brownback's head, snapping him out of his reverie. An aide hustled on stage and explained the gaffe to the befuddled candidate. Senator Brownback tried to recover. "Oops, wrong team to mention in Wisconsin. But you understand what I'm saying. Once I'm president, we'll rebuild the American family through trades, draft choices, training camps and prayer and the Packers will win the Super Bowl!!!" The crowd sat in stunned silence until a chunk of brie hit Brownback in the chest, bringing some enthusiastic cheers.

Following the appearance, Brownback fired his Analogy Consultant and scrapped plans for his Pittsburgh appearance where he planned to use a "Bill Belichek is maybe the greatest coach in NFL history" analogy. His campaign will repackage Brownback's family theme using an analogy they feel will work with any audience, "Life is like a box of chocolates."