Probably no one in the history of Pittsburgh's print media has written in a style remotely similar to Peter Leo's. For almost thirty 30 years, he has honored us with his gentle and, at times, biting wit and his unparalleled skill as a writer. He is an inspiration to everyone who tries to evoke laughter with the written word. He is the best, pure and simple.

And he happens to be the man who discovered The Carbolic Smoke Ball. Worse than that, at a time when the Smoke Ball wasn't sure if anybody else "got" what we were doing, he told us "[t]hat stuff is as funny as anything out there." So, we continued. The world has Peter Leo to blame that we're still here. Nobody's perfect.

Mr. Leo is retiring from the day-to-day grind of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. We trust he realizes this does not void his obligation, ordained from on high, to put his writing talents to good use, and to share them with us from time to time. God bless you, Peter Leo. And thank you, for everything.