MANADO, Indonesia - Yustinus “Hooker” Lahama, the Indonesian fisherman who caught an ancient fish last week, will host a prime time fishing show on ESPN.

“This is great,” said Lahama as his finished his last bites of the coelacanth, a fish once thought to have become extinct at the time of the dinosaurs. “This is great,” he repeated.

ESPN made the announcement about the show featuring Lahama just hours after news of his catch reached its headquarters in New York.

“Our research shows that no one wants to watch some guy sitting in a boat tying to catch a [freaking] trout but this [Lahama] caught a monster,” explained ESPN executive G. Barkley Givens, “We’re going to promote him as the Tiger Woods of fishing.”

Givens admitted that the sports network is facing one challenge getting Lahama’s show on the air. “The only English he knows is ‘this is great’ which is fine for a fishing show – there isn’t much talking anyway. But, he’ll lose all credibility if says ‘this is great’ as his boat is sinking.”