Drive-Through Rage Assailant Charged, Promoted On Force

Duane L. Williams, the 46-year-old Penn Hills man accused of punching a 19-year-old woman he accused of treating him rudely at the drive-through at a local Wendy's faces charges of simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and promotion to sergeant on the Pittsburgh Police Force.

"Mr. Williams punched a woman. That is unacceptable. We think he shows the kind of leadership this force needs," said Chief Nate Harper.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl called Williams's action, "the very kind of random violence we hope he, in his new post on the force, will be able to curtail. Mr. Williams has the kind of go-get-em initiative we are looking for. I don't want him anywhere near my sister."

Advocates for women stormed a city council hearing this week, objecting to the promotion of three other officers who had been accused of domestic violence. Carla Hooligan, a spokeswomanperson for the group, said the Williams case might be different from the others.

"Mr. Williams is accused of socking this woman, who was a perfect stranger, for not telling him 'thank you, have a nice day,'" Ms. Hooligan said. "The other officers are accused of attacking women they knew and, in every instance, these women had told the officers to have a nice day."