WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales pulled out all the stops yesterday, lobbying senators ahead of a scheduled vote of no-confidence on his performance as attorney general. After speaking with several Republican senators, Gonzales grabbed a guitar and treated the lawmakers to an impromptu concert in the senate cloak room, delivering stirring renditions of "I Fought The Law and the Law Won," "Gimme Shelter," "Where Did I Go Wrong" and the Depeche Mode classic "Personal Jesus." When asked to sing "Proud Mary," Gonzales deferred, noting he could not recall the lyrics. After the gathering, Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl said, "Than man may not know squat about the law, but he sure can sing."

Republicans accused Democrats of staging the vote for purely political theater. In an offer of good faith, the Democrats cancelled debate on a follow-up resolution on Gonzales that stated, "He's ugly too."