AKRON, Ohio - Donna Moonda's defense team concedes that "overwhelming evidence" shows she conspired with her paramour Damian Bradford to murder her husband, Dr. Gulam Moonda. Nevertheless, they claim that Dr. Moonda was actually killed by an unidentified gunman with no connection to the conspiracy who fired a shot from a nearby grassy knoll. While prosecutors say that the shots could only have come from Bradford's gun, Moonda's attorneys contend that the gunman on the grassy knoll fired a "magic bullet" that traveled across traffic, directly alongside Bradford's gun, struck Dr.Moonda and landed in the back seat of the Moonda's car where it was found in pristine condition.

Moonda's defense team scoffs at Bradford's confession, in which he stated: "I shot him, nobody else, just me. From about four feet away, I couldn't miss. And by the way, it was her idea." Moonda's lawyers say that Bradford could not have seen the gunman because the shooter was directly behind him. They also note that the bullet is "magic," rendering it impossible for Bradford to detect. Her attorneys cite "Fair Play For Cuba" leaflets found on the grassy knoll as well as a damaged fence as evidence of the gunman's existence.

Moonda smiled as her team presented their defense. At one point she asked the judge, "Can I go now?" The judge reminded her that there were still "some procedural matters, deliberation, verdict, really just details" that had to be attended to before he could allow her departure.