PITTSBURGH - In a move reminiscent of sports teams wearing "throwback" uniforms, the Army's precision flying team, the Thunderbirds, thrilled spectators last weekend at Pittsburgh's Airport by flying four 1962 vintage Ford Thunderbirds in tight formation.

Pilot Randy Codwell said he and his men have been practicing hard. "Well, getting 'em off the ground is your first challenge, but once they're airborne they fly like A dream. We're really gonna put 'em through their paces this weekend and the fans are gonna see a great show!"

Codwell also raved about the T-Birds amenities. "These babies are just amazing. You've got your ash trays in each armrest, white walls, nice spongy coil springs and Turbohydromatic drive!" Best of all, he added, "The trade-in value is just great!"