“Dinner will taste so good, you’ll want to tip your wife”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It didn’t take long for spice industry giant McCormick to start production of Restaurant Flavoring® following the FDA’s decision to allow home use of the tasty food additive. The FDA decision ends the monopoly American restaurants have held on the famed ingredient for over 75 years.

According to restaurant insiders, this flavoring is what makes food taste the way it does when you eat out. McCormick’s CEO Jingo McCormick, III explained: “For example, sometimes you’ll hear people talk about restaurant pancakes, ‘Why don’t my pancakes taste like this at home?’ Well, one drop of this flavoring makes an ordinary slice of bread taste like French toast.”

“Restaurant Flavoring® is the biggest thing to hit our business since salt and pepper,” said McCormick. “The first two million bottles will be in your local store in a few days.”

The product will come in different restaurant flavorings, such as Italian restaurant and Mexican restaurant flavorings. There will even be greasy spoon diner and gourmet restaurant flavorings. Consumers should know, however, the more chic the flavoring the higher the price. Some of the higher end flavorings will make it just as expensive to eat at home as to eat out.

To counter the anticipated drop in patrons, restaurants are planning to use a "homemade flavor" that has only been used sporadically by eateries until now.