Mayor Clarifies 'Yellow Journalism' Remark

Special report by The Burgher - Mayor Luke Ravenstahl held a press conference to clarify remarks he made about local journalists.

"I was misquoted by the media, bloggers and specifically Bill Peduto," said Mayor Ravenstahl during his press conference at Cool Springs Driving Range.

"In no way did I mean to insult Jeremy Boren's integrity. I merely thought Jeremy was Asian," he said. "Now that I've ended all media firestorms concerning my Administration, I have to finish my meeting with UPMC."

The Mayor then attempted to pick up his bucket of balls, but was interrupted by journalists who questioned the Mayor's use of a racial slur.

"I'm sorry but I have a meeting in Harrisburg to finish," the Mayor said as he teed up a range ball.

Ravenstahl later called KDKA Radio's Marty Griffin, who confronted the Mayor for using a racial slur.

"That's not true and the media knows that. And I would just say consider the source," Ravenstahl said. "You have to understand the history there. Everyone from Asia is a very, very close acquaintance of my former opponent, before he backed out of the race, Bill Peduto."