Upcoming debates will feature candidates for president taking questions from cartoon characters
Hot on the heels of the YouTube Democratic Presidential debate that featured a snowman, a rapper, and men dressed as hillbillies questioning those vying to be the leader of the free world, CNN has announced that the upcoming Republican primary debate will feature a panel of cartoon characters posing questions.

Jonathan Klein, president of CNN, said that these won’t be just any cartoon characters either. “We’re pleased to announce that the heroes from the Justice League series will be moderating the next debate. They have a wide range of interests and supernatural powers, and I’m sure their questions will be just as varied.”

Joining the panel is Aquaman, who figures to have pointed questions about the melting ice caps. Wonder Woman, who has promised not to use her golden lasso to force candidates to tell the truth, is expected to ask about woman’s reproductive rights. And leading the panel will be Thor, who’s European background leads many to believe he will ask the candidates about inviting America’s allies to participate in foreign policy discussions.

If the debate is successful, CNN plans other format changes that could include “Who’s nomination is it anyway?” where candidates must act out their positions on the critical issues facing the country.