COMMENTARY BY THE HON. RUFUS PECKHAM - I am in Los Angeles to serve as keynote speaker for the annual Simulated News Convention, and my hosts were gracious enough to "show me the town."

Unfortunately, my stay here has destroyed the motion picture experience for me, and it is unlikely I will ever go to the movies again.

For starters, I learned that the sound stage where Dr. Phil is taped, which was also the sound stage used for Soul Train, was one of the sound stages used for The Godfather. The sign on the wall attests to the motion pictures filmed in this building. When I realized that Dr. Phil defiles the building where the Corleones' story was told, I literally vomited.

Second, I learned that the parting of Red Sea in Ten Commandments occurred in a four foot deep pool (scenes in Star Trek IV and The Truman Show were also filmed there). This wading pool, clearly visible from Melrose Avenue, doubles as -- a parking lot. Sadly, the book of Exodus will never be the same for me.

Finally, I learned that Gotham City Hall used in the old Batman television series also served as the site where Frank Sinatra sang "Chicago -- My Kind of Town" in Robin and the Seven Hoods. The incongruity of the two kept me awake all last night, and I doubt I will ever make sense of it.