Washington , D.C. -- Senator Bob Casey is listed as questionable for tonight’s scheduled debate on the appropriations bill. Casey apparently tweaked his hamstring last week during a discussion of parliamentary procedures. The Senator’s injury was made public by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this afternoon in his weekly press conference. “Apparently, Bob was in the process of yielding the floor to the Honorable Gentleman from Kentucky when he felt a pop. He broke off his yielding right away, but he knew something was wrong.”

Casey was attended to by Senate trainers, who have been treating the injury with a combination of ice packs and electronic stimulation. Reid said Senate medical personnel have assured him that Casey will be able to resume participation soon. “They don’t think it’s necessary to put him on injured reserve.” At this point, Reid says the thing Casey needs most is time. “We all know what a great competitor Bob is, and we know he’d love to be out there deliberating for us, but we’ve got to be cautious,” said Reid. “We don’t want to rush him back, and then have him reinjure this thing. Bob’s an important part of our team. We’re going to need him for the entire legislative season.”

A spokesman for the Senator said Casey was making progress, but that his participation in tonight’s highly anticipated match-up with Senate Republicans would likely be “a game-time decision.”