GUEST COMMENTARY BY CLARENCE McAVOY, PRISONER 100497264 - We've all heard it. Whenever someone is happy that some man is being sent away to prison, the inevitable snickering starts about how he's going to meet up with some big guy named Bubba in the prison shower. Yes, I hear you sisters laughing at that line, too. That lame joke even appears on this lame Web site (see the stupid post right before this one). I must admit, it's such a funny, innovative joke, I wish Santa Claus were black and that I was him so that I could give it a big "ho, ho, ho!"

Actually, that's sarcasm. The truth is that if rape is funny with respect to male prisoners, it's just as funny with respect to female prisoners. When those women teachers are sent away for raping high school boys, we should all be chortling, "Ho, ho, ho! She won't miss her little boyfriend because she'll have Bertha in the prison shower." But, see, the "sisterhood" would label you evil if you say that.

Well, ladies, don't you be feeding me none of your horseshit about how it's totally different when the gender roles are reversed because of your "historical oppression," or "male privilege," or "the patriarchy" or some such other f***ed-up term that don't mean shit in the real world outside your little circle of sorry-ass friends. You all live longer than us, you got more education, you work less dangerous jobs, you're allowed to dress like a man and no one disses you for it, and you know how to scam the system better than us to get money from the government or your ex while the brothers are hunted down by the law as "deadbeats,"so GET YOUR ASS OVER IT AND LAUGH AT THE F***ING JOKE! One of your more famous f***ed-up sisters said "all men are rapists." Well, all men ain't rapists, morons. Me, I'm a rapist, but I ain't all men.

Now if you're offended by any of this, you're a misandrist, which means "man hater." Since you won't ever have a man, might I suggest you go f*** yourself.

Prisoner 100497264 is in the tenth year of a twenty year sentence for rape. This commentary was translated into English by Judge Rufus Peckham.