PITTSBURGH - Santino “Sonny” Corleone, the hot-tempered son of olive oil importer Vito Corleone, was in Pittsburgh this weekend taping a commercial for the Original Mattress Factory. “When we need to go to the mattresses, we go to the Original Mattress Factory,” said Corleone, who appears in the spot with Original Mattress Factory founder and president, Ron Trzcinski.

In the commercial, Corleone is wearing his trademark sleeveless undershirt. He spoke with reporters before heading back to the Corleone family compound out on the island. “I’ve wanted to get into commercials for some time now. Professionally, I’ve been kind of stifled.”

Corleone’s prior work experience includes a brief stint as a customer service representative for his father’s importing business. He has also worked as a mediation specialist in the Domestic Relations division of the Nassau County Department of Human Relations. Corleone’s employment was terminated for repeatedly using a trash can lid to expedite settlement agreements. Trzcinski was excited about working with Corleone. “Sonny was in the market for a new mattress. He shopped around at many of the major national retailers, but after we gave him a tour of our factory, and he saw first-hand the quality and value of our work, he was sold. He was so thrilled with our products, he insisted on becoming a part our team.”

In addition to appearing in radio and television spots, Trzcinski has a few other projects lined up for Mr. Corleone. “Thanks to Sonny, we’re going to be able to eliminate the middleman – permanently.”