Jeffrey Dahmer's Family Launches New "Bodies" Exhibit

Pittsburgh Opening of "Bodies: A Culinary Experience" Riles Carnegie Science Center; CSC Demands Traffic Study Prior To Opening

PITTSBURGH - Gunther von Hagens Dahmer, the late Jeffrey Dahmer's uncle and CEO of the family's new "Bodies" exhibit, is seen here posing next to an exhibit specimen at the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. Hagens-Dahmer insists the family has obtained all proper permissions and documentation for each of the bodies or body parts being displayed. But Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center is upset by all the competitive pressure this new "Culinary" exhibit places on its own dead body exhibit.

"Cornering the market on discretionary spending for blatantly sensational and exploitative shows is tricky business," a Science Center spokesperson opined. "We've put a lot of hard work into our show and we don't appreciate this last minute scheduling of a clearly inferior set of dead bodies."

The CSC spokesman's charge of "inferior dead bodies" stems from the fact that the "Culinary Bodies" spent so much time in Jeffrey's freezer before being plastinated. Some are missing parts that Dahmer ate, but most still contain Dahmer's teeth marks on the skin.

Hagens-Dahmer disputes the charge. "One dead body is pretty much like the next. The way you differentiate yourself and capture your audience is by the posing. Our bodies are clearly posed the best. That and the culinary connection, of course."