Veto Proof

WASHINGTON -- After failing to overturn a presidential veto of a children's healthcare bill that enjoyed wide bipartisan support, Democratic congressional leadership admitted that some constituents are questioning their skills. Addressing the press following the vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid explained: "If you were to ask me how we could fail to override this veto of a children's healthcare bill that Republicans supported, I would have to theorize that the root cause is that we, the Democratic congress, may possibly be the biggest bunch of dorks ever to be in a position of power in this country. How inept must we be to whiff on this veto - it's children's healthcare for [goodness] sakes." Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi summed up her party's position: "We have no plan, no direction, no momentum, no charisma, no backbone and none of us really have any personality. From a legislative point of view, I guess we're fucked."

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino declined to comment on the remarks except to note: "I don't think they provided any new information."