Breaking news: Clinton 'suspected' Ted Kennedy has brain tumor, calls for brains of all other Obama supporters to be tested, too

Obama to Kennedy: "I can heal you." Kennedy: "This explains why I drove off that bridge."

WASHINGTON - Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) said she has suspected that Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) has a tumor in his left parietal lobe since his endorsement of Senator Barrack Obama (D-Ill.) for president last January.

"I realized that Senator Kennedy's judgment had been compromised even more so than it normally was," Senator Clinton explained, "and the only logical explanation was a mass on the left parietal lobe."

Clinton demanded that Senator Kennedy's endorsement of Obama be invalidated "because it was the product of a mentally impaired or crazy person," and she called for "the immediate medical testing of the brains of all politicians and superdelegates" who have pledged support for Senator Obama. She said she is not ruling out calling for similar testing of all citizens who voted for Obama.

Senator Clinton added that she extends her prayers to the entire Kennedy family "who also should have their heads examined."