Men of West Texas Polygamist compound bare it all for charity calendar

ELDORADO, Texas - The polygamist men of the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas, under fire because authorities believe they abused and forced underage girls to marry them, are trying to spruce up their badly tarnished images by baring it all for a charity calendar.

All of the proceeds for the calendar, to be called "Men of the Polygamist Ranch," will go for breast cancer research.

"All fourteen of my wives thought this was a good way to show people that we're not monsters," said YFZ Ranch resident Noah Swayne. "In fact, we care very much about our women, especially their breasts. I can personally attest that I care very much about all twenty-eight of my wives' breasts."

The calendar probably won't sell very well inside the Ranch. "Every woman here has already seen Noah naked," said Carolyn Swayne. "After all, we're married to him."