Democrats, Arby's issue joint statement on seating disputed delegates

The following joint statement was issued yesterday by the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic Party and Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc.

Since their foundings in 1792 and 1964, respectively, the Democratic party and Arby's have always stressed the importance of abiding by the rules established to promote order and civility while waiting in line, whether to host presidential primaries or to order roast beef and chicken sandwiches.

Recently, Michigan and Florida failed to abide by the rules established by the Democratic party when they hosted their presidential primaries out of turn without authorization.

The Democratic party cannot countenance unauthorized line-jumping and must issue an appropriate sanction to insure that it's rules are followed by all states wishing to seat delegates at its national conventions.

Arby's is similarly concerned about blatant, unauthorized line-jumping and joins the Democratic party in condemning this misconduct, and hereby adopts the same sanction as approved by the party.

Therefore, the Democratic party and Arby's hold that they will seat only half of Michigan's and Florida's 368 delegates at the upcoming Democratic national convention and at the 3,600 Arby's locations worldwide.

Both the Democratic party and Arby's trust that this sanction will have a deterrent effect for all such future misconduct.