Rocco Mediate disgraces Western Pennsylvania

When they found General Custer and his band of losers after the American Indians got done with them, they had been stripped naked and their bodies were mutilated.

That's how I feel right now. I'm ashamed that I'm from Western Pennsylvania.

You see, that's where Rocco Mediate is from, and Mr. Mediate has disgraced every last native of my region by losing his playoff in the U.S. Open to Tiger Woods on the 19th hole.

Nice go, Rocco -- losing to a man gimping around on a bad knee, wincing in pain with every shot.

But that's not even the worst of it. Listen what the loser had to say after the disastrous finish: “I’m sure that I scared him,” Mediate said. “I did good today. I’ve never had more fun, it’s just amazing."

Did you get that? You may have to read it several times before it makes sense. Rocco, you see, is from Topsy Turvy Land where up is down and where if you do bad today, you can say with a straight face, "I did good today." Custer said the same thing at the end of the Battle of the Little Big Horn: "I'm sure that I scared them. I did good today. I've never had more fun, it's just amazing."

Only losers measure their performance by whether they had "fun," of course. What sort of twisted message are we sending our youth with a losing attitude like that?

With the Roccos of the world as role models, listen carefully when our children are losing a game and you might just hear them say, "I did good today."

And then we know we're finished.