It's about time we had separate public restrooms for men and women

COMMENTARY BY SAMUEL BLATCHFORD, INTERNATIONAL BON VIVANT - I am going to assert something that every rational person has thought about but that most are afraid to come out and say: males and females need SEPARATE restrooms in public places.

Every public place -- the ballpark, restaurants, you name it -- should have not one but two restrooms: one marked "Men," the other marked "Women."

I know that this suggestion is going to create controversy, and I know it will be expensive to create additional restrooms everywhere. But the two genders were not put on earth to simultaneously expose their privates or semi-privates in public or semi-public places.

I am sick to death of trying to wash my hands in a public restroom with women crowding the sinks, APPLYING MAKE-UP and the like.

I am sick to death of finding a newspaper in the stall after a woman has used it -- and it's never THE SPORTS SECTION. It is always some damned "features" article with some damned gynocentric, male bashing slant. The article I found there yesterday was titled, "Castrate All the Men," or some such damned thing.

I am sick to death of women who don't understand basic urinal etiquette. Some take the urinal directly next mine despite the fact there are many other empty urinals not as close. I've come to the incontrovertible conclusion that the only reason they do this is to SNEAK A PEEK at my wee-wee.

Now how sick it that?! I feel violated every time I urinate.

Once we get the women out of our restrooms, then we'll concentrate on getting them out of the NFL. But that's the subject of another commentary.