Trump saw thousands of Muslims cheering during the attack on 7/11--'Slurpees were all over the floor'

In a speech celebrating "New York values," Donald Trump talked about the "Muslim attack on 7/11."

"I had a lot of friends--a lot of friends--killed during the attack on 7/11 that day. They were at the Slurpee counter. And by the way, the 7/11's in New York have the best Slurpees in the world--I've had Slurpees all over the world, and the New York Slurpees are the best anywhere. Believe me. Believe me."

"And then I saw a group of Muslims in the back of the store--thousands of Muslims--thousands of them--they stood up and cheered when those Slurpees hit the ground. It was disgusting."

Trump said that, when he's elected, he plans to use 7/11's roller hot dog grills to torture Muslims.