Man defends actions: “If he keels over, we’re stuck with Catherine Baker Knoll for four years. I’m no hero. I just did what any Pennsylvanian would have done in the same situation.”

HARRISBURG – Harrisburg resident Paul Chwastyk slapped a grilled steak with cheese and mayo sandwich from Governor Ed Rendell’s hands today, saving him from consuming 30 grams of fat. The Governor had just received the sandwich from workers at Da Pits Chicago Grill, which is located across the street from the Governor’s mansion, when the incident occurred.

Rendell had been warned by his doctors that he needed to lose weight and lower his cholesterol. At first, he seemed to heed their advice, as he was seen jogging through Harrisburg and had made healthful food choices at the Farm Show’s food court in early January. But his New Year’s resolution was history by the time he came into Da Pits yesterday.

Mr. Chwastyk was eating a salad in the restaurant when the Governor arrived. “I might have let him eat the sandwich if he had walked the 100 yards from the Governor’s mansion, but he had his state troopers drive him over, “ Chwastyk said. “If he’s going to be sedentary and eat high-fat foods, he’s gonna have a heart attack. I’m not that crazy about any of his policies, but better the devil you know, right?” Chwastyk paused, then said quietly, “I’m no hero. I just did what any Pennsylvanian would have done in the same situation.”

Chwastyk was wrestled to the ground by the Governor’s security detail and he has been charged with simple assault. Although he could receive three months in jail, Chwastyk is likely to be given community service and ordered to make restitution of $8.50 to the Governor.