SYDNEY, Australia - Sylvester Stallone was taken into custody for several hours as he arrived in Sydney Australia. He faces stiff fines for trying to bring copies of the last installment of the Rocky series into the country.

"We're just protecting our country," said one customs officer, waving a boxed set of the Rocky films. "Terror comes in many forms."

Customs agents also found vials of the muscle-building hormone HGH, which is a restricted substance in Australia. The tabloid media had speculated that Stallone, shown here with his entourage at the Sydney Airport, was using Human Growth Hormone based on his bizarre, bloated appearance in the last installment of the Rocky series.

Lawyers for the 60-year-old star of the Rocky and Rambo movie franchises, represented Stallone in a Sydney court on Tuesday where he faces multiple counts of "assault with horrific film making" and "involuntary destruction of brain cells."