BRADENTON, Fla. - Pirates infielder Jose Castillo was injured Saturday in the Pirates' exhibition game against the New York Yankees in Tampa, Fla., when he slid awkwardly into second base in an attempt to thwart a double play. Castillo will have his right foot X-rayed Monday to examine the nature of a tender bone.

The Pirates reluctantly broke the news to Pirates' shortstop Jack Wilson, who has been publicly critical of Castillo's work ethic. Wilson immediately went on television with sportscaster Stan Savran to blast Castillo. "Why am I not surprised by this?" Wilson exploded. "He can't even break his foot correctly, Stan. I mean, is it broken or isn't it? See, that's the difference between him and me: if that were me, it would be a clean break, and everybody would know where we stand. This is just typical of Castillo." Wilson does a nightly television show with Savran where he picks a different person to criticize each night. In the past two weeks, Wilson has criticized TV talk show host Larry King, the U.S. Supreme Court, Ryan Seacrest, and Fidel Castro's brother Raul.