"Let’s face it --- those guys stink and they’re taking spaces away from qualified women,” president says

WASHINGTON, DC --- National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy called a news conference today to denounce ‘American Idol’ producers for treating the men and women equally.

Since the initial auditions around the country, the male singers have been especially weak. That trend continued through Hollywood Week, but when it came time for the judges to pick the 24 finalists, they were forced to choose equal numbers of men and women to continue on in the competition. Since then, men and women have been voted off in equal numbers.

“It’s been obvious to everyone that the men don’t deserve the twelve slots reserved for them,” Ms. Gandy said. “Their performances have ranged from so-so to awful to creepy. Meanwhile, talented women are sitting at home, victims of discrimination.” Asked by reporters why she didn’t support equality in all fields, Gandy said, “Fifty-fifty is fair when it’s to our advantage --- like in firefighting positions or police work. But when men need the leg up, absolutely not. If men can’t do the job, they should not be taking positions away from women who can.”