PITTSBURGH - The Penguins have selected toymaker Lego Corporation to design and build their new arena, the team announced today. Lego has worked on miniature sports facilities from Berlin to Los Angeles, but never on a project of this scale.

Some Penguin officials privately expressed concern as to whether the plastic floors could support the weight of the the fans.

But Lego was confident it could do the job. "It's an easy leap from tabletop arenas to the real thing," insisted Lego spokesman Fritz Swayne. "Our team of nine to twelve year olds will submit a prototype within one month, depending on their homework schedules." Once a design is approved, Lego estimates construction will take no more than three hours. "These pieces snap together in no time," said Swayne.

Mayor Rahvenstal was ecstatic with the choice. "I love Legos," he gushed.