PITTSBURGH - An online petition was circulated at PNC Park over the weekend to encourage the Pittsburgh Pirates to cease high-definition broadcasts of their games. Walter Dietrick, founder of http://www.i-have-seen-too-much.com/ says that he started the petition driver after watching the first two months of the season in High-Def.

Dietrick explained: “The Pirates' performance is all too disturbing in vivid high-definition: The pitchers' inability to find the strike zone; the misjudged fly balls; the base running errors; the called third strikes taken by the heart of the line-up. Frankly, the less I see, and the less clearly I see it, the better.”

Dietrick has reverted to watching the games on an old black-and-white TV. He also prefers the old static-filled AM radio broadcasts to this year’s switch to the FM dial. “It comes down to this: I have the TV or radio on in the background when I’m paying my bills or cutting the grass,” he said. “I really don’t want to follow what’s going on that closely.”