Sidney Crosby’s agent tells Ray Shero to make him another drink

Agent Pat Brisson liking the way Sidney Crosby's contract negotiations have moved along so far.

PITTSBURGH - In the latest round of face-to-face talks between Penguins GM Ray Shero and Pat Brisson, Sidney Crosby’s agent appears to have the upper hand in negotiations.

Sources close to the talks reveal that in addition to forcing Shero to make him martinis "just the way he likes them," Brisson has also sat and smoked cigars while Shero washed and waxed his Lexus.

“Hey Ray, you missed a spot by the bumper. Don’t get sloppy on me now,” Brisson chided.

Although an agreement is expected to be announced soon, Brisson said there was no need to rush things. “We’ll get the contract done. I just want to see Ray dance alittle bit more.” Shero was unavailable for comment since he had to take Brisson’s laundry to the cleaners and prepare to caddy for him during a round of golf.