Taliban booth wins ‘best hot wings’ award at DiverseCity Festival

PITTSBURGH -- Event planners admit they took a chance inviting the Taliban to take part in the city’s DiverseCity Festival over the weekend but felt vindicated when the Islamic Fundamentalists captured top honors for the best hot wings.

“We really didn’t know what to expect,” said DiverseCity Chairman Velveeta Lugosi-Swayne, “You read all these negative things about the Taliban in the newspaper, and it kind of frightens you. But, they couldn’t have been any nicer, or better cooks.”

The aim of the four-day DiverseCity Symposium and Festival was to push the Pittsburgh into being more inclusive of other cultures, and it appears that goal was exceeded.

In the spirit of the event, organizers located the Taliban booth next to the Israeli booth. At first, the Israelis were skeptical.

“What, I should have these murderers next to my booth?” explained Shalom Sinai of Televiv, “But then, they cooked me some kosher hot wings. Yoi! They were good. Mazel tov, I say!”

Sinai almost caused an international incident when he asked the Taliban for their recipe. The Islamofascists deftly diffused the situation, telling him it was "an ancient Chinese secret."