PITTSBURGH - Recently discovered photographs and videos from the late 1970s and early 1980s suggesting that Steeler mascot Steely McBeam has appeared in porno films are fueling controversy in the Steeler Nation.
First, reports surfaced last Friday in the blogosphere that McBeam was a member of the Village People in the late '70's. McBeam brushed off the allegations, claiming it was actually his brother, Steeley Dan, who was a member.

Over the weekend, more serious allegations emerged that McBeam appeared in a porno flick in the early 1980s called simply "Steely McBeam." The title and the resemblance of the main character to McBeam are raising some eyebrows, and other appendages, among Steeler fans. Steeler officials are considering asking McBeam "for a nether-regions comparison" to rule out his involvement.

The mayor's office has promised to "get our arms around this issue and conduct an in-depth probe" of the so-called Steelygate scandal, or as some are calling it, the SteelyGay-t scandal.
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