Vick Looks Forward to New Uniform

RICHMOND, Va. - After pleading guilty Monday to federal dogfighting charges, a contrite Michael Vick spoke to the media. "I used bad judgment, made bad decisions and am a bad motherf***er. I now know that getting caught for dogfighting is a terrible thing, and I do regret that aspect of it."

U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson accepted the plea by the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, then asked: "Are you entering the plea of guilty to a conspiracy charge because you are in fact guilty? Are you aware that this plea will most likely result in prison time? Do you know what the term 'doggy-style' means?" Vick replied, "Yes, sir," to each of the questions. Asked by Judge Hudson if he had any questions, Vick inquired, "Is cockfighting illegal?"

Vick's lawyer, Billy Martin, continued to criticize the efforts of "those meddling kids" from Mystery Inc whose efforts cracked the dogfighting ring.