Clinton 'holds no bitterness' toward Kennedy for backing Obama, snags endorsement of Sirhan Sirhan

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton said she "bears no animosity" toward Senator Edward Kennedy for endorsing Barack Obama and today announced that Jordanian immigrant and assassin of Senator Robert Kennedy Sirhan Sirhan has endorsed her.

"Mr. Sirhan is a well-known voice from an historic time in our history," Clinton said in a prepared statement. "Aside from a single, momentary lapse of judgment, he has led a life free of any misconduct, at least any misconduct that the average member of the general public knows about. For that reason, the Clinton campaign embraces his backing."

Later, Clinton was asked if the endorsement was intended as an affront to Sen. Edward Kennedy. "It is what it is," she smirked. She added that Mr. Sirhan pled guilty to the murder of Robert Kennedy only because he knew he could not receive a fair trial in Los Angeles. "Sirhan asked for a change of venue," Mrs. Clinton explained, "but the judge thought he said 'change of menu.' So the judge ordered the prison cafeteria to serve him Chinese."

Analysts say the endorsement could counteract the recent endorsements of Senator Obama by Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones.