Nutball, the sport popularized by the Jackass television series on MTV, was recognized as an official Olympic sport yesterday, just in time for the summer games in Beijing. Nutball requires at least two and up to twelve players to sit on the floor facing each other with their legs spread apart. Each player takes a turn tossing a ball at another player's testicles with the goal of forcing the other players to leave the game due to an inability to withstand the pain. The last player remaining wins.

The sport achieved widespread popularity on U.S. college campuses starting in the late 1990s, but most Nutball teams eventually fell victim to Title IX's ax that eliminated hundreds of men's sports in the interest of achieving gender equality. Many colleges tried to field women's Nutball teams but quickly found that the games never ended because no players were ever eliminated.

In an official statement, the Chinese government welcomed Nutball's inclusion in the Olympic games and lauded the "refreshing spirit of sadistic torture that sets this highly amusing sport apart from the typical dull Western fare where no one gets hurt."