Yankees Celebrate Impending Sweep of Pirates in 3-Day Visit

NEW YORK -- A jubilant New York Yankees hugged, popped open champagne bottles and thrust high-fives into the air yesterday as they celebrated an impending three-day sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“I can’t begin to tell you the emotions I’m feeling right now,” said a tearful first baseman Jason Giambi. “I’m going to collect myself, call home and talk to my wife and pinch myself.”

The Yankees are scheduled to play the Pirates at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park June 24 through 26.

The team clubhouse erupted in cheers and wild celebrating yesterday after Yankees manager Joe Torre reminded them of the upcoming road trip following Sunday’s 4-1 win over Cincinnati.

“This is the kind of moment you spend your career building to,” said rookie second baseman Robinson Cano, who said that as a youngster growing up in the Dominican Republican “I always knew that however hard my life could be, there would be the Pittsburgh Pirates.”

New York police struggled last night to control fans who rushed into the city streets in a spontaneous outpouring of happiness at word of the impending rout.

“I’ve seen these things before, but this time there’s a real sense of elation,” said cabbie Achmar O’Brien. “New Yorker’s know how to celebrate, but they’ve gotta be given something to celebrate about. This is definitely it.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent a telegram of congratulations to the team on hearing of the forthcoming sweep.

“All New York is again proud of this team and we salute your upcoming accomplishments,” the mayor said.