LYNCHBURG, Va. - In an interview with Focus On The Family leader James Dobson, Newt Gingrich revealed that he has recently undergone three weeks of intensive conservative Christian counseling and can state unequivocally that he is "no longer a total a**hole." In the same interview, Gingrich admitted having an extramarital affair at the same time he pursued President Clinton's impeachment in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Gingrich was rewarded for this second admission by conservative Christian leader, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who extended an invitation for Gingrich to deliver the commencement address at Falwell's Liberty University.

Political observers believe Gingrich may be making these admissions now to avoid having them surfacing later in his possible Presidential campaign. Experts feel the string of extramarital affairs could hurt Gingrich, but the other issue is not as sensitive. "When was the last time Americans elected someone who wasn't an a**hole?" said Professor Hubert Sminklin from the Harding School of Government. At the commencement, Gingrich will receive an honorary Doctorate of Hypocrisy, from the prestigious Falwell School of Hypocrisy at Liberty University.